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cny fish

Surviving CNY – What Food To Serve

Can you believe it? It’s 21 Jan today! The 21st day of the new year… as usual, the days go past really very quickly! And suddenly it’s going to be Chinese New Year! Wooohooo! I thought for this season, I’ll share our family’s tips to surviving CNY. But do note, we ain’t very traditional, we…

fitbit surge

Fitbit Charge HR vs Fitbit Surge #giveaway

For my birthday last year, my lovely cell group gave me a Fitbit Charge HR. I must have done something or said something to receive this as a gift! You see, ALL MY LIFE, no one would have thought of giving me something sporty. And now, I own what was then, the trendiest and most…

How much allowance for primary school

How Much to Give for Primary School Allowance?

This is the question many parents face when their children start school. How do we decide how much to give? Would it be too little? Or too much? Would my child go hungry? Here’s a quick guide to help you decide on the amount. Step 1: Identify what your kids can spend on First up,…

A Photo 5

Photo Shoot with Two Bears

Have you taken a photo shoot with the entire family? I’m not referring to the formal looking shots of sitting still, hands on lap with graduation gowns. I mean those really happy looking photos that are taken professionally. With good lighting, nice composition, looking oh-so-casual, very natural but in fact all staged in the studio….

Life After 40

What Happens AFTER 40?

It’s the new year! And one of the most important things to do is to check on our 2015 resolutions and assess the year that passed. I remember when I listed out my resolutions for 2015. I was REALLY worried and kicking myself a bit. I was putting up the goals on the blog, out…