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Oreo Transformer

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction for the Young & Old

We just came back from a family holiday recently. It was a drive around Malaysia. One significant advertisement that struck me was for the upcoming Transformers 4: Age of Extinction. We saw posters along the highway, in the malls, at the bus stops, and we saw huge models of Transformers at various arenas too. The…

World of Light and Magic

Entering the World of Disney in the Night!

One of the greatest milestones for kids is the ability to sleep alone, away from the parents or caregivers. And in my experience, the one thing that makes it difficult for them is D.A.R.K.N.E.S.S. The kid’s imagination go haywire when it’s dark. They see monsters under the bed, or creepy crawlies coming from the windows….

family luge

Better Together with OREO

We love weekends! No, let me rephrase. We really really really love weekends! The obvious reason is of course because it’s SW-free! No School and No Work! Everyone is at home and there’s no worries about up-coming tests or deadlines. However, the 48 hours can go by very quickly. If there’s nothing planned, Sunday nights…

Immediately After Work… for a FTWM

When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to grow up and start work. It looked real fun, dressing up and carrying a handbag and taking the bus to work. My mummy was a Full-Time Working Mummy (FTWM), she was such a good one that my sis & I wanted to be like her! Then…

Act3 International woman fly

Act 3 International Holiday Workshops

All kids love storytelling! Especially when there’s stuff to do AFTER the storytelling. (We know that this also means they remember the story better!) So it was with great anticipation when the three of them marched off to the latest Act 3 International’s workshop for children–There was an old lady who swallowed a fly!” Held…

What to eat on hike

What to Eat On Your Way Up Mt KK

I’m 10 days away from the Big Climb up Mt Kinabalu! I’ve worked out what to wear and this weekend, I will start shopping for what to EAT while hiking up! EATING I used to think that hiking up a mountain trail can’t be that difficult. That’s because the only ‘mountain’ I’ve been exposed to in…

Le Noir – The Hit Cirque is Back!

We were so excited to hear that Le Noir is back! When we watched it last year, we were so blown away by the entire show. For this year’s show, we decided we would bring Nadine, our family gymnast to watch it! All the acrobatics put together in a theatrical performance would be an eye-opener…