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A New Look!

How do you like this new layout and theme for the blog? I am on wordpress (which I really really love!) and recently, I was ‘forced’ to change my themes when I received feedback from some readers that they couldn’t access some of my blog posts! Apparently it would lead them to an ‘empty’ page!…

Yakult Ace

I Am a Dr. Mummy

I have three kids. And as much as I want to keep them germ/virus/bacteria free, they aren’t. So when they fall sick, they ALL fall sick. (that’s best case scenario) The worst case is when they take turns to fall sick. Besides having sleepless nights to monitor the sick child, ensuring that the temperature doesn’t…

Jan & Elly Pop Up Class Picnic

Jan & Elly The Picnic for 5-6 year Olds

Calling all kids who are 5-6 years old!! There’s a special picnic just for you! One of the premier English Language schools in Singapore—Jan & Elly is organising a picnic-themed class for the pre-schoolers. It is a chance to experience how lessons are taught and how phonics can be fun. What makes it exciting is…

chicken rice

Ahhhh! My Daughter Has To Wear Glasses!

I thank God I don’t need to wear glasses. (I would probably need reading glasses, but that’s another story!) I grew up with somewhat perfect eye sight, and I truly appreciated it! The husband doesn’t wear glasses too, so we were convinced that our kids would follow through with the same great genes! Early this…

IntelliBox Personalised

Intellibox Review – Brain Development in a box

Look at what Nadine received last week! Personalised just for her! It’s Thinkersbox’s Brain Development Kit, specially for kids from 4-7 years old. We tried the IntelliBox a few months ago when there was a soft launch. Now we are looking at the real thing… with the many many activities lined up for the child….


I Theatre–The Ant & The Grasshopper

Recently, we went to watch The Ant & The Grasshopper by I Theatre. And It was a huge hit with the kids, yet again! We are big fans of I Theatre. The kids always enjoyed the productions, they loved the interactive sessions and catchy songs. (while mummy enjoys the moral behind each show, and eventually…

Mumseword Discount Banner

Celebrate Women while You Shop!

March is a Women’s month, in my opinion. With the widely celebrated International Women’s Day on 8 Mar, it’s only natural to have this month designated as Women’s Month! (that of course, is my opinion!) But it seems I’m not alone. A few shops and eating places have wonderful attractive discounts and promotions for women…