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I caught a sunrise–with my Samsung s3

I caught a beautiful sun rise recently. The amateur photographer in me decided to stand very still, prop my hands on the rail, silently count 10 seconds, and snap a shot on the 10th. What’s worse, I didn’t have a regular camera with me. None of those DSLR with zoom zoom lenses, none of those…

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The Parent Every Teacher Hates to Meet

The year end examinations for Nicole will end today. Yahoo!! And after coaching her intensively in preparations for her papers, I think I am going to become a monster parent that I have always looked down on. Have you heard of the nasty, obnoxious parents who question the teacher’s marking scheme? The ones who bring…

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Greenfields Milk makes Yummy Bread Pudding

I’ve been asked this question many times. What milk do your kids drink now? Since each child turned one, I’ve started them on Cow’s Milk. That’s right, no more expensive formula milk. (The books did say it’s ok too!) To keep within the budget, they have been drinking powdered cow’s milk. But recently, we changed….


Top Posts from Singapore Mom Bloggers

I am a part of a wonderful blogging community—Singapore Mom Bloggers (SMB) and as the name suggests, we are some close to 100 active Mum Bloggers living in Singapore. I thought it would be interesting to see what their TOP blog posts are about. As much as finding out what happens in the life of…

Lifebuoy Colour Changing Handwash

Lifebuoy Secret Wash–Colour Changing Handwash

Nadine started a new Bollywood dance recently! And all for a good cause! She learnt the Lifebuoy Secret Wash simply by using the Colour Changing Handwash! It is so cool! You see, to Nadine, clean hands means dirt free and stain free. As long as her hands look clean to the naked eye, it is…


The Ideal Personality for Children

Have you ever thought what it would be like if you could choose the character or personality of your child? What if you could choose little parts of his/her personality to make a somewhat ideal child? Would you go for a really compliant one who doesn’t fuss over food? One who eats everything on his…

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My Two front teeth

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth… Nathan just lost both and I realised I should quickly take a picture cos the next time that would happen when he’s old and toothless, I won’t be around. So I took the opportunity to dig out Nicole’s toothless grin as well. She looks not…