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Philips Jamie Oliver Blender 2

Homemade Pasta Sauce made Easy with Philips Jamie Oliver Blender

We attended a Health Talk by a Nutritionist two months ago. Since then, we have been painfully aware of the dangers, unhealthy facts of processed foods. Everyone knows that if you grow your own veg, farm your own animals and made your own food from scratch, you get the whole goodness of all the produce….

Nadine Birthday

Therapy 101-Friends Don’t Come Easy

Recently, I was hit with a sudden thought about Nadine and her friends. She’s a compliant girl who is easy going. But she will not aggressively make friends. She’s more the “let others make friends with me” type. And as part of the natural protective instincts we have, she’s been very sheltered with regards to…

Weather Sunny

The Year in Review: At halfway mark

It’s the last week of June! That’s the half way mark for 2013. (it’s also the last week of the summer holidays here!) Question: if you could use the weather to describe your year thus far, what would it be? For me, the first 6 months were a mix of Sunny days with bouts of…

Married 12 years

A-Z on Mum’s the Word

I saw this at Play to Learn with Sarah, and decided this is a good time to do an A-Z with Mum’s the Word. Here goes! A. Attached or Single? Attached…Happily married since 2001! B. Best Friend? I don’t think I can name all of them! Many BFs, a handful of BFFs!C. Cake or pie?…

Giveaway: Hey Little Mousedeer by I Theatre

Another i Theatre musical is here! The Little Mousedeer will be showing really soon from 18 Jul — 6 Aug 2013. It’s a musical with a local flavour and it certainly helps the children understand our Southeast Asian culture better. I’ve not seen it, but the write up says it is loaded with catchy tunes…


The Little Arts Academy: Art of Play

Remember the Superheroes Art Camp I signed up for Nicole? It was a two day camp to introduce them to the theatre, dance, culinary and visual arts world. I talked about it here. Last Thursday, was Day 1. I didn’t get to see how the camp was as I had to work. But I can…

Rock School Gears

The Rock School- Subtle Confidence Building At Its Best

Rock Climbing?? I’m not sure if you are like me…the not so sporty one who thought what’s the big deal about rock climbing. I mean, it’s so popular now, you get road shows with a Rock Climbing wall for the kiddos to try. And, if the kids can try for free, why pay money for…