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The Parental Influence- A Kid’s Ambitions

Some of the best conversations we have with the kids are in the car. Yup, and this is not necessarily long car trips. We just had an interesting one with the kids in a short trip to the shops. Out of the blue, Nathan decided to tell us what he wants to be when he…


Surviving reality after a long weekend

A long weekend just passed… Yes, that familiar mega big dose of reality hits you hard. In this case, it hits on a Monday. How do we survive the Monday after a long weekend? Here’s what I did last night to prepare for this morning! 1. Made preparations for a wonderful sumptuous breakfast. I figured…


This is my 100th post!!

  I’ve reached my 100th post!   The first post on 10 Aug 2012 seems far away. Then my focus was blog about Nadine and her therapy sessions and tell the countless stories about my parenting journey. Little did I know that I slowly added stories of my experience with faith and life, and tiny…

Tiger Water Flask

How do you boil Water

Something died in our family this week. Our faithful Hot Water Pot that we bought when I was pregnant with Nicole. I remember we bought this because we wanted to boil water real fast (this is much faster than using a kettle over the fire), and we could choose the temperature to set it at,…

CHC unity

City Harvest Church’s Unity in Action

This week, one picture says it all. “… knit our hearts together, that your glory may be seen in us…”

In my bag - bag

inside a woman’s bag

Every woman has a bag. EVERY. From the very young to the very old, the very rich to the very poor, the very girly to the very tomboy. What is it with bags? And I’m worst I think! I have bags within bags within bags. Take a look: Here goes: Large pouch Make-up pouch House…

Nadine 1

Therapy 101- Going public

Many have asked me about Nadine—how did I know that she was delayed in her development, what did I do, and what’s next. The answers are all found here. However, we ventured to a new milestone last week! You see, Nadine has been going for private Speech Therapy and Physiotherapy. It’s not cheap, but it…