Yearly archives: 2013

Chocolate Mixture

Baking with Philips Avance XL Airfryer

I’ve had the Philips Airfryer for just over a month and I couldn’t resist doing this little experiment! I baked cupcakes in the Airfryer AND in a regular oven! Yup, I wanted to do a taste test, texture test, look test and what have you, to find out if there’s any difference between the two….

Ballet kids stretch

Y Metro Ballet Programme Review

I’ve always wanted to learn ballet. That’s a girl thing. Look slim and graceful, usually in pink. It’s the perfect girl thing to do! But that never happened. Ballet was expensive to learn when I was a child. By the time it was more affordable, I was too old, too stiff, and too fat. For…

Oriental accolade

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok–Family Review

Have you seen the wonderful hotel we stayed in Bangkok? Here’s the Review on Mandarin Oriental Service & Rooms. I thought for Part 2, I’d share why it is a family friendly hotel. First up. Read this from The Nation, 29 Nov 2013, Best Summon the Butler How’s that? Best hotel in this planet! Wow,…

happy family

Post Christmas

Christmas… the most wonderful time of the year! What a great time we had with our family and friends! And what a super time we had feasting and feasting! And what comes next? For us, it’s a super holiday for the entire family… Yes a SUPER holiday before that dreaded day when school starts on…


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…Everywhere you go… Our Christmas tree at home is up with Silver baubles, Silver hearts, Silver raindrops, Silver stars… we have them frosted, matt, and shiny. It looks beautiful, really. Take a look in the five-and-ten…glistening once again… So begins our Christmas shopping. I started this list, that…

Mandarin Oriental 1

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok–The Service & Rooms

We just came back from our family trip to Bangkok. Before we went, one of the first questions we faced was “Which Hotel are you staying in?” Everyone had a hotel to recommend. (Bangkok is one of the most travelled cities for Singaporeans) Well, when we told them the hotel, nearly all had same response,…


Using S.U.R.E. to verify information

Recently, we had the opportunity to teach our kids about verifying information online. It was really quite an experience! And it had to do with Katy Perry. On Sunday after church, Nicole told us that one of her church friends told her that Katy Perry was involved in a plane crash. And, her boyfriend died….